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Lingerie Kit

Lingerie Kit

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WASHOLOGI's Lingerie Kit is a neat giftbox that includes two 300 ml bottles, Linen Water Purity and Lingerie Wash.

Linen Water Purity has a sensual scent white lotus that gives your clothes a freshly laundered feeling. Use it to refresh your garments or on anything else you want to smell good while also reduces static cling.

Lingerie Wash is an enzyme-free detergent with the scent of white lotus. Lingerie Wash is specially produced with silk extract and lanolin to care for, soften, and recondition the fibers. The detergent is suitable for wool, silk, satin, and other natural or delicate materials.

How to use

Our best kit for keeping your finest underwear clean and fresh.

Lingerie Wash

Lingerie Wash is essential for maintaining the quality and functionality of underwear, as well as materials like silk, wool, and cashmere.

Lingerie Wash is a liquid detergent and starts working at 30 degrees Celsius.

Suitable for both handwashing and machine washing.

Effective for pre-treating stains before washing. Apply a small amount of detergent to the stain and then rub gently. Afterward, the garment is ready to be washed!

Dosage: 30ml for a full washing machine

Linen Water Purity

Spray Linen Water Purity on your underwear, other clothing items, and home textiles for a wonderfully pleasant fragrance. Spray from a distance of about 15-20 cm to avoid water stains on delicate materials such as silk.


Lingerie Wash

  • Non-Ionic Surfactants <5%
  • Anionic Surfactants <5%
  • Amphoteric Surfactants <5%
  • Soap <5%
  • Parfum <5%

Linen Water Purity

  • Nonionic surfactants <5%
  • Perfume <5%

The bottles are made out of bioplastic.

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