Made in Sweden

  • WASHOLOGI's products are made in beautiful Fjällbacka on the west coast of Sweden.

  • Small scale production with carefully chosen raw materials.

  • WASHOLOGI's bottles are made in Sweden out of bioplastics.


  • The products are highly concentrated to avoid shipping unnecessary water.

  • The products contain gentle perfumes.

  • The products contain no unnecessary chemicals such as colourants.

  • The products are 100% vegan (except for DELICATE WASH & FABRIC SOFTENER DELICATE that contain lanolin which is extracted from sheep's wool.)


  • The products are biodegradable.

  • The detergents washes clean even at low temperatures.

  • The assortment is niched with products that are tailored for the needs of different materials.


  • Correct dosage

    Using too much detergent is a common mistake, often made due to the fear of using too little. Use the dosage cup that comes with our detergents to always get the correct dosage.

  • Unnecessary washing

    Many people wash all their garments after a single use. Many garments such as sweaters and pants can be used many times before they need to be washed. Make sure that your garments are dirty or smelly before you decide to wash them.

  • Air your clothes!

    It's often enough to simply hang up your clothes outside to get them fresh again. Combine our linen water with the airing of your garments to give them a newly washed feel.