The Brand


We want to offer garment care care solutions that help consumers extend the lifespan of their clothes. We aim to educate the correct methods of washing and caring for various materials in order to maintain there original quality for as long as possible. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry through decreased consumption and resource waste.

For a sustainable wardrobe and future.


"I was in the midst of life, juggling a full-time job, being a mother to four sons, and managing a house renovation when the idea for WASHOLOGI was born. As I was giving the laundry room a facelift, I noticed that something was missing on the shelf, where you buy clothing and home decor you should also be able to buy effective laundry products with stylish design and genuine environmental consideration. I immediately began reaching out to various manufacturers, and the process gained momentum, covering everything from product range to scents, design, and labels. One year later, August 2014, I launched "WASHOLOGI". Since then, both WASHOLOGI and myself have developed immensely. It has been both exciting, educational, and at times extremely challenging. However with me I've carried my grandfather's words, "You can only do your best, and then you can't do more, and if you dare follow your heart and still fail, you remain a winner." His words have given me courage to try despite the risk of failure. I hope you will appreciate WASHOLOGI - the combination of design, efficiency, and environmental consciousness alongside wonderful scents."

Viktoria Widengren

Founder & CEO


Washologi means "the study of laundry." Our product range is based on what we've learned about laundry habits and needs through market research. Our research revealed that efficiency was the most important characteristic for laundry detergent, while scent and functionality were the most critical for fabric softeners. It turned out that a common issue was that synthetic clothing, shirts, and sportswear often smelled sour after being washed at 40 degrees. Additionally, a significant portion of respondents believed that a stylish design would be very positive. Everyone surveyed would prefer environmentally friendly products.

This shaped the foundation of our product range of today, a product range that is evolving alongside your needs.


The sense of smell is our most potent sense directly tied to emotions and evoking old memories. Hence, our fragrances have become a signature for our brand. We aspire for our scents to rekindle tranquility, love, nostalgia, and joy within you every day. That's everyday luxury!

"When you choose WASHOLOGI's products, you should know that what you are using is the result of our goal to offer the highest quality, sustainable environmental practices and elegant packaging. Laundry is a necessity, and we want to make that necessity more enjoyable. With our assortment, it should be easy to make a good choice!"