Nya Lingerie Kit

The New Lingerie Kit

WASHOLOGI's new Lingerie Kit introduces 2 new products to the range.

Lingerie Wash & Linen Water Purity

These products are perfect for those who want to treat their clothes properly. Use Linen Water Purity to freshen up your clothes between washes, spray it in the wardrobe, or on all textiles in your home. What's also fantastic is that it reduces static electricity, nice, isn't it?

We have long received inquiries from customers about a lingerie detergent. Previously, we could only direct customers to our Delicate Wash as a viable option. Now, however, we are delighted to announce that our lingerie detergent, Lingerie Wash, is available for purchase.

Lingerie Wash is an enzyme-free detergent with silk extract and lanolin that cares for and refattens the fibers. The detergent is also free from bleach and colourants, so you don't have to worry about discoloration.

Both Lingerie Wash and Linen Water Purity now come in our brand-new fragrance: Scent of Purity - White Lotus. Just as many of you, "Scent of Desire" has been my favorite for many years. Therefore, I am incredibly pleased to say that this is my new favorite scent! An incredibly soft fragrance with hints of citrus that I can't get enough of!

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