Sköljmedel/mjukmedel är dåligt - en myt?

Fabric softeners are bad - a myth?

Many people of today perceive fabric softeners as something bad, is that really true, or is it a myth? Here are some of the most common reasons why many people avoid fabric softeners:

1. Harmful Substances

In the past, many fabric softeners contained phthalates. Phthalates are hormone-disrupting plasticizers, and to put it in perspective, you can otherwise find phthalates in soft plastic toys.

2. Allergic Reactions

Many fabric softeners contain strong synthetic fragrances to impart a pleasant scent to the laundry. Unfortunately, these synthetic fragrances are not gentle on the skin and can result in allergic reactions, especially for children.

3. Not Environmentally Sustainable

Many fabric softeners contain petroleum-based chemicals that are neither environmentally friendly nor biodegradable.

4. Not Suitable for Many Materials

Fabrics such as cashmere, wool, functional wear, and more do not tolerate traditional fabric softeners. In fact, fabric softeners can do more harm than good to these garments.

5. Degrades Quality

Despite the fact that fabric softeners can soften and rejuvenate old clothes, traditional fabric softeners have a significant drawback—they can clog the materials breathability function.

Now you're probably sitting here thinking that you'll never use a fabric softener again, but I believe I can change your opinion.

1. Phthalates are Prohibited

Phthalates are now banned in large parts of the EU. Our fabric softeners, of course, do not contain any phthalates.

2. Gentle Fragrances

We have worked extensively to develop a formula that provides a pleasant scent in low dosage. The result? Our fabric softeners with incredibly gentle fragrances. However, we always recommend using a fragrance-free fabric softener for children's clothes.

3. Environmentally Sustainable

Our fabric softeners are produced in Sweden and entirely plant-based, and, of course also biodegradable.

4. Tailored Fabric Softeners

It is indeed true that materials like wool, cashmere, and performance wear do not tolerate traditional fabric softeners. At WASHOLOGI however, we have worked extensively to solve this issue. We now offer fabric softeners tailored to different materials. Delicate Wash for wool, cashmere, etc. and Sport Wash for performance and functional wear.

5. Our Fabric Softeners Do Not Clog

Our fabric softeners are specially formulated not to clog the breathability function of your garments. This means you can enjoy all the positive effects without worrying about the negatives!

So, would you now say that fabric softeners are bad? Personally, I believe it entirely depends on the fabric softener you use.

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