Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

1. General

  1. To be able to make a purchase through [] ("the website"), you accept the terms.
  2. The terms only apply to you when you place your order with us through the website.
  3. Buyers must be over 16 years old and not under guardianship. If you are under 16 years old, your guardians' consent is required to make a purchase from us.
  4. We can change these terms at any time, but the changes you approved at the time of your purchase always apply to that purchase.
  5. All changes will be indicated in the latest published version of the terms on the website.
  6. Changes take effect when you make a new purchase.

2. Ordering

  1. After receiving an order, we will send an order confirmation to the email address you provided at checkout. The purchase agreement is only concluded when we have confirmed the order in writing, and you have received the order confirmation by email.
  2. We reserve the right to reject an order, for example, if you have provided incorrect information or if the order cannot be fulfilled due to stockouts.
  3. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that all information, such as phone number, delivery address, and email address, is correct.

3. Information on the Website

  1. We reserve the right to sell out products and correct any image or typographical errors on the website, in ads, or other marketing materials, as well as product descriptions. We have the right to correct such errors, change or update information on the website, and make ongoing product changes and improvements.
  2. Images on the website showing products, in ads and other marketing materials, are purely illustrative and not a specification of the product's characteristics, features, origin, or any guarantee.
  3. The content on the website is protected by copyright. Product names and logos may also be protected by trademark law or marketing legislation. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout, as well as information about products, services, and other content may not be copied or used.

4. Prices and Payment

  1. The prices listed on the website at the time of ordering apply to the order.
  2. The total price for the order is shown before you complete the order and in the order confirmation.
  3. We strive to ensure that the website contains accurate information. However, we reserve the right for the website to contain typographical errors and incorrect prices, and we are not bound by incorrect prices. If an incorrect price is stated for an ordered product, we will notify you and await approval of the corrected price before the order is considered approved.

5. Promotions, Discount Codes, and Other Offers

  1. We may conduct promotions, discount codes, and other offers for various products. For products covered by such offers, the favorable price or conditions apply during the limited period specified in connection with the current offer.

6. Delivery

  1. Shipping costs are added to the order unless otherwise expressly stated in connection with your order.
  2. The expected delivery time is approximately 2-3 business days.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will take place within 30 days from the company's written confirmation of the order through the order confirmation.
  4. Note that delivery times are approximate and deviations from these can occur.
  5. Before delivery, you will receive a notification showing when and where your order should be picked up or received (it is important that you have provided correct information in your order). You are responsible for receiving or collecting your order during the time specified in the notification. Packages are primarily picked up in person with valid identification and order number.
  6. For orders that are not picked up, we have the right to charge a fee of 25€ for our handling costs of the order, including return shipping to us.

7. The right to cancel your order

  1. When purchasing products from the website, you have the right to cancel your order within 30 days without specifying any reason, except as stated below. If you want to use your right of withdrawal, you must notify us within 14 days from the day you received the ordered product.
  2. When making your purchase through the website, you have the right to open the packaging and check that the product is intact, but breaking the seal on the bottles is not allowed, as it affects the expiration date. If a product has been sealed, you may not break the seal.
  3. Products should be sent to us at Grevgatan 48, 114 58 Stockholm without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days after the day you notified us of your decision to withdraw from the contract. The return cost is 10€ and will be deducted from your refund; you are responsible for the condition of the returned product from the time you receive it until we receive it.
  4. If you cancel your purchase, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (but not extra delivery costs due to choosing a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery we offer). The refund will be made without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the day we were informed of your decision to cancel your purchase. The refund will be made via the payment method you chose when ordering unless we have expressly agreed otherwise.
  5. Return your product [here].

8. Complaints

  1. When ordering through the website, you always have the right to complain about the product within three years from the day you received the product. If you wish to assert a defect in the product, you must contact us as soon as possible after the defect is discovered. To be valid, the complaint must always be made within a reasonable time after you noticed or should have noticed the defect. A complaint made within two months of discovering the defect is always considered to be made within a reasonable time.
  2. We recommend that you examine the products when you receive them and report any damage to the packaging directly to the carrier or pickup point and note the damages on the shipping documents.
  3. You can complain about a faulty product by returning it to us at Grevgatan 48, 114 58 Stockholm.
  4. You are responsible for the condition of the returned product from the time you receive it until we receive it.
  5. When we have received the complained product and determined that the complaint is valid, we will compensate you according to applicable law. This means that the defect will be remedied or that we will replace the faulty product with a new one. If this is not possible or if we otherwise consider it more cost-effective, we may instead refund the amount you paid for your order, including the return cost. Note that we have the right to reject a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective according to applicable law, and in such a case, we do not refund any expenses for return shipping.
  6. Complain about your product [here].

If you have questions regarding complaints, your right of withdrawal, or other questions related to your order, feel free to contact our customer service.